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Nonstop Gym

Don’t let the latest round of lockdowns in Ontario start your new year off on the wrong foot.  Don’t let the latest closure of gyms stop you from accomplishing your 2022 fitness goals. Prioritize your health and get involved in Non-Stop Gym

Session 1: Jan 10 - Feb 6, 2022.

Nonstop Gym is a 4 week exercise / bodyweight movement program that is designed to push and expand and build upon your current fitness levels – strength, endurance and mobility. Nonstop Gym requires no equipment and very little space to perform and is designed to be suitable for everyone.

Simply perform the exercises at the intensity level that matches your current levels. If you’re a total beginner go slow and steady and focus your intention on performing the movements properly. Advanced? Crank up the intensity to your desired level while still focusing on proper execution and breath control.

Optional 20 minute weekly group calls with me, and other like minded community members, allow you to be accountable, ask questions, discuss options for regressions and progressions and make the most of the Nonstop Gym program.

A restriction-proof fitness program for people (who want to be) in motion. Session 1: Jan 10 - Feb 6

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